Carpet cleaning

Carpeting is subject to severe wear and tear. Whether it is made of synthetic or natural fibre, we take care of your carpets. Our fully-automatic cleaning machines both sanitise your carpets and rid them of dust mites with an environmentally friendly cleaning process that is suitable for your specific type of carpeting and gentle on its fibres.

Spray extraction

First, the carpeting is pre-treated with a spray extraction solution to allow time for the cleaning solution to take effect. This improves the outcome of the cleaning process. The cleaning solution is then reapplied to the carpet and cleaned with the spray extractor by moving the applicator across the carpeting. This works the cleaning solution into the carpeting and simultaneously extracts it via suction. Finally, it is extracted again using clear water. The spray extraction cleaning method is also suitable for poorly fitted carpeting, as the mechanical action is quite minimal.

Wet shampooing

Professional shampooing of textile flooring is performed with special shampooing machines or alternatively with a single-disc rotary floor machine. These machines massage a cleaning solution into your carpet that is specially formulated for the specific type of fibres it contains. The rubbing action of the machine ultimately dissolves stubborn grime, which is then sucked up during the next step. The remaining residue is then rinsed out and extracted from the pile of the rug with a spray extractor.

The carpet pad method

This method wets the carpet with a cleaning solution using a spray applicator. The pad is then used together with a single-disc rotary floor machine to clean the carpet. This method results in a more superficial cleaning outcome and can be performed without a great amount of time and effort, as furniture does not need to be rearranged. This type of cleaning can be done overnight. However, it should only be used periodically since too much cleaning solution can accumulate in the fibres of the carpet over the long term.

Dry shampooing

Dry shampooing requires a special, slightly moist powder. The powder is sprinkled onto the carpet and then cleaned with a brush and single-disc rotary floor machine. Once the powder has absorbed a sufficient amount of dirt, it is extracted with a special brush vacuum cleaner. This cleaning method is only suitable for certain types of carpet, as the powder sometimes leaves behind deposits that are only removable with spray extraction. It is necessary to apply a coating.

Carpet waterproofing after cleaning

Waterproofing with a water-based product prevents water and dirt from penetrating into the carpet and simplifies maintenance cleaning. It also prolongs the amount of time between periodic cleaning and deep cleaning.

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