Construction site clean-up

The first phase of construction site clean-up consists of removing large debris. Only once construction has been completed, professional, detailed cleaning is performed, ensuring that all dirt is removed.

Preliminary construction site clean-up

Construction entails a large amount of dust and debris. During preliminary construction site clean-up, unneeded materials are removed, resulting in more organisation and greater transparency. The initial phase consists of removing large debris, sweeping out the entire construction site and disposing of waste materials.

Detailed construction site clean-up

Detailed construction site clean-up takes place once construction has ended. During this phase all spaces are cleaned to a condition suitable for occupancy and then handed over to the building owners.

Detailed construction site clean-up

Every construction site contains lime, sand, concrete and dust. These contaminants leave behind deposits on the different materials, which must be properly cleaned. Flooring cannot be cleaned with just a single wipe-down. It must be treated with additional cleaning solutions. Larger surfaces are cleaned with special machines that simultaneously suck up debris. The last step consists of a final wipe-down to remove lime residue from the floor.