Stone maintenance including crystallisation

Stone maintenance is important for the visual appearance of the stone and for preserving its quality. We can make old and dull natural and artificial stone look new again with our diamond polishing method. Stone surfaces, e.g. from granite and marble, as well as artificial stone and ceramic, undoubtedly increase the value of your property, provided they are well cleaned and maintained. Both the type and consistency of cleaning and maintenance required to preserve the value of your stone varies greatly and depends on the structure of the material and surface. Due to the variety of natural and artificial stone types, it is essential to have it systematically cleaned and maintained by professionals, which preserves its value. If you have any requests, please contact us under

Diamond polishing of natural stone

You are no doubt annoyed when you notice that your natural stone floor, which you spent good money on, is looking dull and worn, or unsightly spots have formed on it. These spots can be caused by citrus juice, shampoo, sanitary cleaners, red wine, oil, grease, etc. Although natural stone is a natural product, it obviously still needs maintenance!

Conventional cleaning methods that use aggressive chemicals are not sufficient, and mechanical polishing is complicated and messy. This is where we come in. Allow us to introduce diamond polishing, a revolutionary treatment method. This method is gentle, efficient and completely dust-free. Clean Service analyses your stone floor and determines its structure including stains, scratches, unevenness and the degree of wear. The floor is treated up to five times with different diamond polishing segments depending on the level of maintenance required. Afterwards, your natural stone floor looks new again. We would be glad to provide a sample or demonstrate the treatment to you in our showroom.


Crystallisation is a procedure in which a glass-like film is applied to a surface via a chemo-thermal reaction. Crystallisation offers the following benefits for natural stone floors:

  • Noticeably deep and long-lasting shine
  • Complete crystallisation of the floor, which becomes resistant against dirt, discolouration and staining
  • Reduced risk of slipping
  • Hardening of the surface, which reduces maintenance requirements and increases the lifespan of the stone
  • Enhancement of the stone‚Äôs natural colour