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Cleaning Service

With our versatile, personalised cleaning services for businesses and private individuals, we assist customers in more than just traditional cleaning: we maintain, protect and preserve value. We opt to clean manually using traditional methods with the help of modern equipment, technology and environmentally safe cleaning aids. Time is a critical concern for our private and business customers alike.

That is why we take care of their extra work and relieve them of the time burden it imposes. Cleaning is a matter of trust. Our services, prices and quality control mechanisms are defined first and foremost by transparency. We are committed to continuous training and professional certification, ensuring that every service we offer is up to par.

Office and maintenance cleaning

Choose between a holistic, customised cleaning package or specific cleaning services – it’s up to you. Thanks to our wide-ranging market experience, tailored personnel allocation and customised support, we guarantee your desired range of services.

Flat cleaning and housekeeping

We take care of all your household chores. With meticulousness, a vetted and personally familiar cleaning specialist and the Clean Service Professional Ethics Guarantee, we also handle a host of additional chores according to your wishes.

Move-out cleaning

Comprehensive move-out cleaning includes a guarantee that the property will be cleaned to the satisfaction of your landlord, with whom we also coordinate and organise the move-out details. We can assist you in every aspect of move-out cleaning.

Property maintenance & facility management

Well-rounded expertise, competence gained through many years of experience and the same contact person – always. Our property maintenance and facility management services for both private and business customers provide you with high-quality cleaning, repair, maintenance and upkeep services.

Building cleaning

We use state-of-the-art technical equipment to reliably and thoroughly ensure the best cleaning results β€“ always at fair prices and with guaranteed performance. We clean, maintain and preserve value. Whether professional window cleaning, graffiti removal or heavy-duty floor cleaning, our employees are specialised and equipped with all the modern equipment necessary to provide you with top service.

Specialist cleaning

Our trained professionals take care of complex and exacting cleaning assignments with proper equipment, cleaning techniques and methods. You receive impeccable and reliable service thanks to our continuous oversight and control mechanisms, as well as the four-eyes principle.

The No.1 cleaning service company at 5 locations in Central Switzerland.

The services of our cleaning company will also convince you!

Whether you require office cleaning, move out cleaning, car cleaning or facility management, Clean Service Scaramuzzo AG is your reliable partner when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene.

Discuss your desired cleaning work with us. We ensure a neat and clean workplace through regular office cleaning or building cleaning.

What distinguishes our cleaning company:

Clean Service Scaramuzzo AG is backed by a dedicated, highly professional team of cleaning specialists who look after over 2,000 customers and more than 1,000 properties. Thanks to the wide range of services offered by our 300 employees, we are in a position to fulfil the diverse wishes of our customers, all from a single source.

The cleaning company Clean Service Scaramuzzo AG works with the most modern equipment and technologies, using environmentally friendly cleaning agents. Our employees are trained in the company's own cleaning institute so that you benefit from continuous quality.

The service prices of our cleaning company are transparent and fair so that you do not have to reckon with hidden costs. Let us provide you with a cleaning quote or arrange a trial appointment with one of our cleaners!



Our housekeeper is a real gem and everyone is very pleased with her cleaning. I can rely on her 100% of the time and the work she does is dependable and thorough. The administrative side of things also runs smoothly. We enjoy flexible and transparent e-mail communication that allows for last-minute changes quickly and easily.

Sabine Staub