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The Clean Service team.

Clean Service Scaramuzzo AG is a team of committed, highly professional cleaning specialists ready to serve you. Thanks to our wide range of services, we can satisfy the diverse needs of our customers from a single source.

We have high expectations when it comes to how we conduct business. Our primary aim is to successfully promote our business, satisfy our customers and carefully select and professionally train our employees. We attach great importance to forming relationships with our customers, partners and employees that are based on trust. We are committed to ethical business practices as well as to strengthening and deepening our customer relationships through transparent and fair partnership strategies and comprehensive services.

Mirco Scaramuzzo

Owner and Executive Director

Natan Scaramuzzo

Customer service representative

Giuseppe Lo Giurato

Accounting and Personnel Administration

Sergio Da Silva

Manager, maintenance cleaning

Loris Braun

Head of House Maintenance

Domingos Alves

Head of Special Cleaning & Safety Officer

Eliano Di Paolo

Administrative professional, specialist cleaning

Cristian Gambale

Business office staff and maintenance cleaning

Quality control is an aspect of functional management. It includes optimising work procedures to improve the quality and outcome of our cleaning services.

Quality control is becoming increasingly important, and many companies attach great importance to it. Quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement are essential prerequisites for success. We look forward to assisting you in this endeavour.

As a member of Allpura, the Association of Swiss Cleaning Companies, we are subject to a collective employment agreement for the cleaning industry in German-speaking Switzerland (Gesamtarbeitsvertrag für die Reinigungsbranche der Deutschschweiz, GAV). This ensures that the entire Clean Service team enjoys progressive and fair working conditions, which, in turn, guarantees that you receive high-quality services. In addition, we are affiliated with the Industry Solution for Occupational Safety and Health Protection for Cleaning Companies (Branchenlösung für Arbeitssicherheit und Gesundheitsschutz für Reinigungsunternehmen).