Flat cleaning and housekeeping

We take care of all your household chores. With meticulousness, a vetted and personally familiar cleaning specialist and the Clean Service Professional Ethics Guarantee, we also handle a host of additional chores according to your wishes.

How much does a cleaning lady cost?

We offer optimal cleaning service from 33 CHF / hour.

To enable us to find you a permanent Batmaid for your region, please enter Cleaning Lady Zurich, Cleaning Lady Basel, Effretikon, Schaffhausen or St. Gallen in the offer. Our qualified personnel is always near you.

Looking for a serious cleaning lady? We offer you more.

From the classic cleaning services to full service with errands, shopping and waste disposal services and postal services or similar. You decide.

Going on holiday? Your cleaning lady will take care of your plants, the mail and also your pets - and if you wish, your fridge will be filled to capacity when you return home! You can always rely on our dynamic and flexible team. Work is carried out quickly, but always with the necessary care and discretion.

Our service packages offer you one thing above all: complete freedom and the greatest possible flexibility. We take care of everything you want to entrust us with.

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That’s why

We have relied on the dependable and committed work of Clean Service for many years.

Paolo Amato, Body Fit